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dApps can be submitted to the registry via a Management Dashboard. Your dApp may also have been already added to the registry. In this case, this dashboard also lets you claim your dApp. Once you claim your dApp, you can update it's metadata in the registry. More details are on the dApp Registry Management page.

dAppstore Builders

How to build a dAppstore?

  • Developers can first go through the documentation to understand all the key offerings as part of the dApp Store Kit
  • The major feature that the developers will get as part of the kit is the dApp registry in itself. This hosts a list of curated dApps that the developers can fetch to populate their dApp store
  • The dApp Store Kit provides an SDK that lets the developers communicate with the registry. This helps to read, write, search, and filter from and to the registry
  • Developers can now focus on designing and building their dApp store frontend rather than working on onboarding dApps
  • Developers also get the freedom of implementing their own moderation engine to regulate the listing of dApps that they want to populate to their storefront

Please go through the Documentation to get started and join our community to get all your queries answered!

OS Contributors

How can someone contribute to the open-source repo?

Join the community-driven effort by building modular blocks for the architecture shared below. Connect with the team on Discord and start building a highlighted section or create something new.

OS Architecture

Fill out this form to get in touch with the team.

Web3 Newbie

The dApp Store Kit is a community-powered, open-source tech stack that enables builders to launch their own dApp store, list any dApp, and set monetization, distribution, curation, and governance rules. It streamlines the path to profitability by fast-tracking time to market, reducing development costs, and boosting the bottom line. The kit can be used by organizations and individuals to create and operate their own dApp store platforms with uniform implementation and easy deployment & management of dApps across platforms.


We will be prioritising the roadmap as per the feedback received from the community and will be enabling community partners to build the utility layers of the dApp Store Kit

Need more info? Head to our FAQ page to learn more about the dApp Store Kit.