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Domain Verification with dApp Store Kit

The domain verification allows us to verify that a certain user has ownership of a certain domain. These domains are mapped to dApps in the registry, thus allowing a verification of ownership of the dApp altogether.

In order to verify a domain, following steps are performed.

  1. dApp Store Kit issues a code. This code should be placed in a TXT field in the DNS of the domain
  2. dApp Store Kit verifies the code.

Generate the verification code

The generated code should be entered as a TXT record with host name set to @ and value set to the value returned from the API response.


The following APIs have a field named githubId. You may use this field to pass any arbitrary value that represents a unique user in your app.




Verify the code

Note that verification may take upto 72 hours. It depends on DNS propagation. At the UI, you may show a link to to check for the propagation.

If the verification fails, it's best to let user know they have to wait, and retry later.